Style Guide: Four Easy Ways To Love Yourself

Last month, I gave you some self-care tips and so I wanted to check in and see how you are doing with these. Are you feeling the love yet? If not, well then this week's post is certainly one for you!

We have many relationships in our lives, be it with our parents, our friends, our significant other, our pets, the list goes on and on. But, if you ask me (and many experts on the topic) the most important relationship in your life is in fact the one you have with yourself. In order to be the best wife, sister, mother, friend, employee, etc., etc. you have to love yourself first and foremost. Life is infinitely better when you have a healthy relationship with your own mind, body, and soul! 

If you struggle with this aspect, which many people do from time to time, this week's blog is going to help you out. So let's get on with it and talk about how to love yourself... 

Love Yourself Tip 1: Simplify Your Skin-Care Routine, and Then Stick to It!

Confidence and feeling at ease with yourself is the number one fast track route to happiness. This comes in many guises, but if you love how you look on the outside, you're going to feel ultra-confident on the inside. You can dress yourself up any way you like, but being confident in your raw, naked self is vital. How do you do this? You start with your skin!

You don't have to put a complicated skin care routine in place, which takes you an hour every single day; that's just not manageable! The best way is to find out which products suit your skin best is to simplify your skin care routine down to its effective basics, and then stick to it, every single day. When your skin is glowing, you're going to start feeling that confidence from the inside out.  

Style Guide: Four Easy Ways To Love Yourself | Featuring Blogger Awed By Moni
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Love Yourself Tip 1: Simplify Your Skin-Care Routine, and Then Stick to It!

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Love Yourself Tip 2: Be True to Your Personal Style

We spend far too much time standing in front of the mirror disliking what we are wearing and breaking down our self-confidence because we aren’t being true to our own personal style. Dressing up and taking pride in what you are wearing is one of the best ways to take care of yourself, and it surprisingly impacts your mental health as well. 

If you are feeling unsure on finding and develop your own unique look, pay close attention to how your daily outfits make you feel. Your signature style is set by the clothing that makes you feel your most beautiful and confident on a daily basis, no matter what fashion trends have to say. 

What do you wear to job interviews? What do you wear on a first date? What piece of clothing have you held onto for years? When you look at those outfits, you might start to find some common threads. Whatever those are, build your wardrobe out from there. This will most likely ebb and flow as you age and as fashion trends come and go, so don’t be afraid to take risks while always staying true to your personal style.

Style Guide: Four Easy Ways To Love Yourself | Featuring Blogger The Werk Place
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Love Yourself Tip 2: Be True to Your Personal Style

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Love Yourself Tip 3: Do Something That Makes You Happy

We are all super busy with our schedules and never ending list of to-dos, but setting aside time each day (even if it's just 10 minutes) to do something that makes you smile is absolutely vital! No matter what others may think or how they may judge, you have permission, my friend, to clear your schedule and head out and enjoy yourself.

'Me' time is as important as any other appointment on your books, and because we are all so damn busy, try to come up with things that are easily accessible. So whether it's simply trying a new beauty product, reading one chapter in your favorite book, enjoying a hot cup of tea or venturing out into the great outdoors, do yourself a favor and just do it already - TODAY and with ZERO guilt!

Style Guide: Four Easy Ways To Love Yourself | Featuring Blogger Olivia Jeanette
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Love Yourself Tip 3: Do Something That Makes You Happy

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Love Yourself Tip 4: Take A Soothing Bath

Self-pampering is a fantastic way to show yourself some true love, and there is no better way than a soak in a hot, bubble bath with all your favorite products. Not only will you be giving your skin some TLC, but you'll also be relaxing your mind and your aching muscles with that warm, soothing water. Plus, I know I do some of my best thinking and reflecting while in the tub. 

Light some candles, put on your favorite music, and even grab a glass of wine - my favorite bath tip - and find yourself in total bliss!

Style Guide: Four Easy Ways To Love Yourself | Featuring Blogger Seams For A Desire
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Love Yourself Tip 4: Take A Soothing Bath

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There are so many different ways to love and take care of yourself, and this will change as you age, as the seasons pass by, and even as trends come and go. You just have to find what work best for you and stick with it. The key is that you continue to push forward and try to find what truly makes you happy.

This February, make it your mission to put 'me' time at the top of your agenda, and remember that happiness and loving yourself is a journey, not a destination.

I always love hearing from you so please feel free to leave your comments or feedback below. And, if you have any friends that might find this advice helpful, please be sure to post, tweet or pin using our easy share buttons ;)

Up next week, we're going to be taking the self-love theme a step further, talking about how to fall in love with your body - no matter your shape or size. See you then!

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