Frequently Asked Questions

I love the idea of a bag created just for me, but I don’t know how to design a bag. What do I do?

We are here to help you celebrate your style and we want you to love the experience of creating your Mel Boteri bag. There are three main ways to shop: 

1. Browse our existing designs here -> Shop All Bags. If you see a silhouette you love, but want to change the leather or hardware, simply contact us to request a special order.

2. If you prefer, we can connect you with a designer who can support your vision and walk you through the entire process. We are here to serve you in the way that works best for you. Use our contact form to connect with a designer today -> Contact Us.


I see a bag on the Mel Boteri website that I like, but I just want to change a few things. Is that possible?

Absolutely! We can change the material, hardware, and decorative accents on any bag. If you require changes to the shape or size, we will partner you with a designer to make sure the bag is exactly what you envision. Use our contact form to connect with a designer today -> Contact Us.


How long does the process take?

Special order bags typically take about 4-6 weeks.


I’d like to give the Mel Boteri experience as a gift. Is this possible?

Yes! We can work with you to set certain guidelines and bill you once your recipient has completed the design of their bag. A Mel Boteri custom handbag experience makes the perfect gift for any person - especially those who seem to have it all!


I have designed a bag myself. Can Mel Boteri make it?

We can support most bespoke designs- even if they don’t look similar to anything that we have produced in the past. To start, we will connect you with a designer who can make structural recommendations, if necessary. Once the silhouette is finalized, we will work with you to select materials and hardware. Mel Boteri only uses the highest quality materials, and we will work with you to put together an exquisitely finished bespoke bag that is a representation of your unique, personal style.


What is the cost to design a bespoke bag from scratch?

Once we have a good idea of the style you are looking for, we will begin working on design concepts and estimates. Due to the time involved in creating initial sketches and sourcing materials, a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to move forward with proposals and estimates within your budget. If you choose to move forward with the design, this deposit will be applied toward the final cost of your handbag. 

A bespoke handbag typically starts at $3000 for a mid-sized bag. This amount can vary greatly depending on the size, complexity, and materials requested, and we can make suggestions to keep your cost within a certain budget.  


Do you have a corporate gifting program?

Yes! Mel Boteri Fashion Partners formed as a natural extension to our in-house brand, and we can now provide our design, sourcing and manufacturing services to both private and corporate clients. The Group helps fill the much-needed void for beautiful products and experiences within the corporate gifting space.

For more information, please visit


Can you tell me more about your handcrafted candles?

All of our candles are hand-poured in the USA. They are 100% Non-GMO, all-natural soy coconut wax. Our candles are free of phthalates, dyes and irritants, and the wicks are cotton, lead-free and nickel-free. They are created with premium candle fragrance oils. Our candles provide abundant fragrance and long-lasting burn time, and all of our materials are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced. 


Do you have any specific care information for my candle?

The first burn of your candle is the most important! The first time you light your Mel Boteri candle, there should be no smoke or soot. If this happens, extinguish the flame and trim the wick slightly but be sure to never trim the wick below 1/4 inch.

To avoid tunneling, we recommend allowing the candle to burn until the wax melts from edge to edge - the entire top should be liquid before extinguishing. This is especially important for the first burn. The rule of thumb is to let your candle burn for about an hour for every inch of the diameter of the glass container. Our large 18 oz candles, for example, have a diameter of about 4 inches so will need approximately 4 hours for the entire surface to be liquid. 

After initial use, we recommend that you never burn your candle for more than 4 hours. This will prevent carbon from forming on the wick which creates black soot on your jar. Use your candle lid or a snuffer to distinguish your candle's flame to keep it burning clean and to further prevent tunneling.

Continue to trim your wick during the life of your candle to 1/4 inch (never less) each time before you light your candle. This helps prevent the flame from getting too large and keeps your candle burning at its best.


How do I talk to someone and ask questions?

You can reach out to us anytime via email or phone. We love to hear from you! Our email is and our phone is 404-259-9196.