For the modern individual with discerning taste, Mel Boteri offers you the opportunity to shop and co-design unique leather handbags and accessories that are a true representation of your personal style.

We deliver on our values of craftsmanship and personalized service through our small production with higher quality, versus mass manufacturing and less attention to detail. Each Mel Boteri piece and all leathers and components are carefully sourced from European suppliers based in Spain, Italy, Portugal and France who hold high standards of quality control and fair labor practices. 

Our mission is to offer you the ultimate luxury experience through our distinctive collection of exquisitely crafted leather handbags and accessories.   



Meet Mel - the Mel behind Mel Boteri Fashion PartnersA marketplace saturated with “one-size-fits-all,” flashy merchandise ultimately inspired Mel to change the way that shopping is perceived and to create an experience that is driven by personal attention and relationships. She laid the groundwork for the business during her last semester at Emory University's Goizueta Business School, and officially launched our in-house brand, Mel Boteri, with her first collection of handbags in the fall of 2009.

She has since acquired an extensive know-how of leather goods design, production and distribution, as well as built a network of personal relationships with the most sought after European manufacturers and vendors in the luxury market.