How Do I Keep A Crop-Top Look Classy, Not Trashy?

Q: From the catwalk to the sidewalk, crop-tops seem to be popping up everywhere!! I’m not sure I can pull this look off, any suggestions??

A: I feel your pain, and can’t help but get flashbacks to the 90’s when I think of this belly-baring style. The truth of the matter is that the versatility of this top is why it is still sticking around. Whether you prefer to give it a whirl in a casual setting or style it for a more formal affair, here are 3 simple rules to follow:

1. Hit the gym!! Sorry, but muffin tops don’t mix well with crop-tops, plus why not use this as a reason to hit the gym and get fit for fashion!? Check out Pop-Sugar’s 5 Minute Muffin-Top Workout Below.

Pop Sugar 5 Minute Ab Workout Video

2. At a minimum, always pair a crop top with a high waisted skirt or pants. And if that still makes you feel too overexposed, layer it with a blazer or longer jacket.

3. Rule of thumb to keep it classy and not trashy: Reveal no more than 4-5cm of skin. 

Check out this week’s blog post for crop-top style ideas + how to transition this look from work-wear to bar-wear.


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