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The afternoon we shot this video of Vickie Kirbo, she had just wrapped a style segment for Atlanta & Co. after a morning of school drop-offs for her two children, Scott and Mary Cate. A quick wardrobe change and car ride later, she arrived to The Shops Buckhead Atlanta fresh-faced and ready to go, as if this were her only project for the day, which was clearly not the case. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Vickie has always been the go-to gal for style advice amongst her family and friends, so she developed her passion and talent into a full-fledged consulting business offering everything from Closet Organization to Personal Shopping for some of Atlanta best-dressed ladies.  The blog, KirbYourStyle.com, was a natural extension of her role as a stylist and it highlights her knack for translating runway trends into wearable looks while mixing high with low to create impeccable style. We love a woman who makes running a business and family life look so stylish and easy, so we sat down with Vickie after our shoot together to pick her brain on wardrobe staples, how to always feel glamorous, and what she does to decompress and stay balanced.

What is your favorite upcoming project?

I am constantly growing KirbYourStyle. It is my past, present, and future project.

Photo Credit: Kirb Your Style


What does a typical workday look like for you?

I get my children (18 & 13) off to school, workout, then focus on fashion, by reading all the latest news, blogs, and publications that keep me up with all the latest fashion news for KirbYourStyle readers. I like to think that it doesn't take me that long to write a post for KirbYourStyle, but in reality it does.

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What is your favorite way to decompress?

During the morning, I leave the world behind with 1 hour of exercise that is all about me. At night, dinner with my family, husband or best girlfriends that includes wine and dessert is my decompression activity.

Photo Credit: Kirb Your Style


What are some of your day-off rituals?

Reading magazines, and spending time with my family. Since I started KirbYourStyle, the magazines stack up and I can never seem to find the time to read them. 

Photo Credit: Kirb Your Style

How do you find balance?

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in thinking there is so much that HAS to be done, and I should be doing more in all areas of my life. Then I hear a news story or something about a friend or acquaintance, and all of sudden I realize, "I am truly blessed and fortunate!" So I would have to say, the real world keeps me balanced.

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Where do you want to travel to next?


What is the one item you always travel with?

A perfect carry-on and flip-flops.

What do you wear when you want to feel glamorous?


Photo Credit: Kirb Your Style


What are some of your wardrobe staples?

A chic blazer, the perfect fitting denim, high heels, big, chunky jewerly and a fabulous bag.

Photo Credit: Kirb Your Style


What gets you most excited about the future of your fashion blog?

2 years ago, I was not sure I had it in me to do what I do on a daily basis; now I can't imagine my life without KirbYourStyle. The growth of KirbYourStyle and the changes that are taking place in the fashion world in general via social media, video, "see now/ buy now" etc thrill me.

Kirb Your Style


The best career advice you received?

I am not sure it is career advice or general life advice- "God helps those that help themselves." It could not be more true, nothing comes without hard work.

Photo Credit: Kirb Your Style


What was your first job?

I worked at a high-end children's clothing store at Phipps Plaza...Central Park West when I was in high school.

What are some of your beauty essentials?

SPF, an eyebrow pencil, and lip gloss.

What do you wear on the weekend?

My weekend wardrobe doesn't change much from my weekday wardrobe... I am either in workout clothes or heels. You either find me sweaty, fresh out of a class or showered and dressed. There is not an in between.

Photo Credit: Kirb Your Style


3 things people don't know about you.

1- I taught inner-city school with Atlanta Public Schools for 7 years- Benteen Elementary. I loved it!! 2- This December I will celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. 3- My daughter thinks I know NOTHING about fashion.

Photo Credit: Kirb Your Style


What is your go-to accessory?

Big chunky jewelry and a great bag. Think about it, you can have on a white tank and khaki shorts, but if the bag and jewelry is great, that's what stands out.

1. STELLA MCCARTNEY Top 2. ROSANTICA Tassel Earrings 3. JAMES PERSE Shorts 4. MEL BOTERI Convertible Backpack Totoe 5. CHLOE Wedge Sandals


What do you love about the Mel Boteri bag you chose for your #MelsMuses feature?

This season, it's all about rosy pink as a neutral, and I happen to love anything snakeskin. The Mel Boteri Bag I chose can be used as a backpack or a chic shoulder tote. It is neutral so I can wear it most any color combination, and it is the PERFECT size for me, as I don't love small bags- I need my stuff!


Here at Mel Boteri, we believe the best style is your style, so thank you, Vickie, for embracing your beautiful style and especially for inspiring other women to do the same. 

We also want to give a special thank you to the following individuals and companies who made this #MelsMuses feature possible:

LOCATION: Shops Buckhead Atlanta

HAIR & MAKE-UP: Nyssa Green

VIDEO & EDITING: Marquis Garden Media

MUSIC CREDIT: Craves By My Side [Majestic Casual] → https://youtu.be/1gpOsC_nJ2I 

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