Style Guide: Swim Your Way Into Summer

Love it or hate it, swimsuit season is here and we are determined to make shopping for this year’s suit as pleasant an experience as possible! Ultimately, it comes down to knowing what cut best fits and flatters your frame, and realizing that no suit should be treated as “one size fits all.”

From flirty to sporty, here are our top picks to confidently swim your way into summer…

Flirty Bikini

Long gone are the days of boring suits that all looked the same. Today’s options are endless, so make the effort to try on a bunch of different suits and step outside of your comfort zone. You may just find your new favorite silhouette.

For women with a pear-shaped body or with a smaller chest, the idea is to accentuate the bust and draw the eyes upward, so play around with different tops like this flirty bandeau with a one-shoulder halter. Adjustable ties are also a plus to ensure you get the perfect fit.

Photo Credit: Southern Curls And Pearls
Style Guide: Swim Your Way Into Summer | Flirty Bikini | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. MARYSIA One Shoulder Bikini Top 2. ILLESTEVA Round-frame Sunglasses 3. GIVENCHY Bracelet 4. SMITH & CULT Nail Polish 5. MEL BOTERI Matte Gold Kat Tote 6. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Lip Lacquer 7. ANCIENT GREEK SANDALS Leather Sandals 8. MARYSIA Bottoms


Sporty Bikini

For women with more of an athletic build – think straight up and down like Lynlee and her surfboard below – you’ll want less coverage to help create the illusion of a shapelier figure. You can never go wrong with a black suit, but the white banding on Lynlee’s two-piece and VIX's reversible bikini below will help play up your hips and chest. Always go with the smaller size if you are in-between sizes, as suits tend to expand a bit when wet.

Photo Credit: Gal About Town
Style Guide: Swim Your Way Into Summer | Sporty Bikini | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. VIX Triangle Bikini Top 2. RAY-BAN Aviator Sunglasses 3. LA MER SPF50 Protecting Fluid 4. SENSI STUDIO Straw Panama Hat 5. MEL BOTERI Harbor Grey Python Leather Espadrille Ellis Tote 6. VIX Bikini Briefs 7. ANCIENT GREEK SANDALS Slides



The delicate details on this crochet number are perhaps best suited for women with a smaller chest, but they will also add some feminine flair to an athletic build. If you are a bit insecure about your hips, the loose and delicate ties on these bottoms will help balance your proportions while allowing for the perfect fit. Again, ties and adjustable straps are always a plus because you can adjust as needed post dip in the water.

Photo Credit: Visions Of Vogue
Style Guide: Swim Your Way Into Summer | Crochet-olé! | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. KIINI Crochet-trimmed Bikini Top 2. CHAN LUU Body Chain 3. JAMES READ Face Kit 4. LINDA FARROW Oversized Sunglasses 5. MEL BOTERI Ellis Tote in Red Leather And Espadrille 6. AQUAZZURA + JOHANNA ORTIZ Suede Sandals 7. KIINI Crochet-trimmed Bikini Briefs


Chic One Piece

Yes, you can flaunt your best assets without committing to an itty bitty bikini! For curvier frames or women who are not so keen on showing so much skin, the key is to find a suit that highlights your curves while simultaneously providing support and coverage. A low neckline with strategic cutouts like Jenny’s suit below may just be the waist-defining suit you’ve been dreaming of!

Photo Credit: Margo & Me
Style Guide: Swim Your Way Into Summer | Chic One Piece | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. ZIMMERMANN Lace-up Swimsuit 2. JANESSA LEONE Bolero Hat 3. CHLOE Round-frame Sunglasses 4. JENNIE KWON DESIGNS Choker 5. MEL BOTERI Harbor Grey Python Leather Espadrille Ellis Mini Tote 6. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Makeup Kit 7. TORY BURCH Platform Espadrilles


While I would not consider swimsuit shopping necessarily fun, it does not need to be the anxiety-inducing activity that it notoriously has come to be for so many. The most important thing is to love your body, and to go into the experience knowing that A. swimsuit designers don’t always construct their pieces with real women in mind (the same way most shoe designers have a skewed view on the real shapes of our feet) and B. you may need to try on a TON of options before you find the perfect fit, so just get in the mindset and treat it as your cardio for the day 😉

What are your tried and true bathing suit styles? Tell us in your comments below.

And join us again next week when we’ll give you a run down on our favorite sundresses for the Summer!

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