Get In Shape: How To Boost Your Fitness With Fashion

When I was younger I dreaded going to the gym, and on the few occasions that I begrudgingly got myself geared up to workout I would just throw on an old t-shirt and shorts. Now that I am a bit older and working out has become a vital part of my weekly routine, I realize the importance of good workout clothing. A great pair of athletic leggings not only makes you feel confident but will also help you get the most out of your workout. 

Here are several practical and chic ways I personally stay stylish at the gym.


The first piece of advice I can give you is to always adjust your equipment to the type of exercise you practice. The shoes you run in should not be the same as the shoes you go brunching in, and investing in a pair of cycling shoes will totally elevate your spin class.

Shoes really are the most important piece of workout clothing, and so you shouldn't overlook having the right footwear! Faya's running sneakers are super chic with their pop of color, and are sure to keep her feet and legs feeling great during her workout. 

Style Guide: Stay Stylish At The Gym | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Fitness on Toast


Style Guide: Stay Stylish At The Gym | Adapt Your Footwear | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. NIKE Printed Leggings 2. ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY Hooded Jacket 3. ADIDAS BY STELLA MCCARTNEY Tank 4. MARC JACOBS Bracelet Watch 5. MEL BOTERI Blue Saffiano Leather Watson Tote 6. ATHLETIC PROPULSION LABS Mesh Sneakers



Second only to shoes is proper attire to keep your upper body in check. I love sports bras because they are so comfy, and there are many different styles to choose from. The designs are different depending on the degree of support you need, so choose a type recommended for your level of activity and type of training. 

The best part about a great sports bra is you can wear them with regular outfits as well, and some of them can even double as crop tops! Lisa's top is not only practical but can also easily be covered with a hoodie for a casual post-workout brunch. 

Style Guide: Stay Stylish At The Gym | Mel Boteri Style Guide | See Want Shop


Style Guide: Stay Stylish At The Gym | On The Top | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. OLYMPIA ACTIVEWEAR Leggings 2. OLYMPIA ACTIVEWEAR Sports Bra 3. IVY PARK Layered Tank 4. RAY-BAN Wayfarer Sunglasses 5. BP. Stackable Rings 6. MEL BOTERI Matte Gold Kat Tote 7. NIKE Sneakers



I am definitely guilty of living in yoga pants over the weekend. For fitness, leggings are generally recommended as they will wick away moisture and you won't have to worry about uncomfortable chafing. Invest in some high-quality bottoms that you use only for workouts. Those old Gap leggings may be super comfy for watching college football, but they probably aren't your best bet for working out. Nicole's shorts are a great option as well with their fun pattern, and are a perfect pair to reserve for workouts. 

Style Guide: Stay Stylish At The Gym | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Pumps and Iron


Style Guide: Stay Stylish At The Gym | Stylish Bottoms | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. IVY PARK Printed Sports Bra 2. MONREAL LONDON T-shirt 3. FALKE Knitted Socks 4. MEL BOTERI Kat Tote in Black Pebbled Leather 5. NIKE Sneakers 6. IVY PARK Printed Shell Shorts

While practicality is definitely key in choosing the right workout clothes, I firmly believe that looking chic and stylish can add a much-needed boost of confidence to your routine. I hope this week has not only inspired you to hit the gym, but to also go out and upgrade your workout wardrobe!

Check back in with me next week. I will be covering all the details of my favorite fall color, but you'll have to tune in to see what it is ;) 

Cheers to a healthy week ahead!


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