Style Guide: Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips

When you have luscious, shiny locks, any outfit you wear is instantly upgraded in quality and style. On the flip side, hair which is ready for a trim, a chop, or that is dull in color and in need of a total overhaul can make you look older, feel miserable and quite frankly give the appearance that you are fashion backwards. Harsh, I know, but true!

You don't have to visit a celebrity stylist to get a healthy head of hair, and to be honest you're probably better off trying a few home remedies first. No idea where to start? Check out my four top tips for healthy hair below...


Yes, you read that right -  charcoal! Not only does this miracle substance treat acne, detoxify skin, and whiten teeth among other beauty benefits, but activated charcoal is also known to help relieve dandruff, as well as redness, oiliness and itchiness on the scalp. It works by extracting all the toxins and basically detoxing and purifying everything to a healthy level. Magic indeed!

Now before you go out and grab your charcoal from the grill, take note that there is a difference between the kind you cook with and the "activated" version. And there is no need to begin making a mess to reap the benefits, as there are countless products on the haircare market which already contain the active ingredient. I personally love Drybar's Charcoal Shampoo for a real treat and fantastic results.

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips Featuring Blogger Kerrently
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Mel Boteri Style Guide: Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips | Charcoal

1. DRYBAR Charcoal Shampoo 2. ORIGINS Charcoal Mask 3. COLEEN ROTHSCHILD Detox Mask 4. MEL BOTERI Blush Snake-Effect Leather Cosmetics Clutch 5. BONY LEVY Ring


A Regular Trim

Never underestimate the power of a regular trim! You might think that having your hair cut when you're trying to grow it out is counterproductive, but it's actually the opposite. Having regular trims encourages your hair to grow, while also minimizing split and dead ends. Your hair will look much healthier as a result of a quick trim every 6 weeks or so.

If you're worried about your hairdresser taking too much off when you are trying to grow it to a longer length, simply ask for the very ends to be removed, which will help you keep your length and encourage further growth.

Mel Boteri Style Guide; Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips Featuring Blogger Hey Pretty Thing
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Mel Boteri Style Guide: Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips | A Regular Trim

1. STAUD Oversized Midi Dress 2. BP Necklace 3. GORJANA Bracelet 4. MEL BOTERI Black Saffiano Leather Watson Mini Clutch Cross-Body Bag 5. ANCIENT GREEK SANDALS Leather Sandals


Air-Dried Hair

We use so many heated styling tools that our hair is crying out for a break every now and then! While it's probably unrealistic to expect you to go without your hairdryer, curling iron or flat iron for days on end, what you can do a couple of times per week is to let your hair dry naturally. This will help cut down on the amount of heat-related damage you are doing to your locks over the course of a week, and will allow your hair to repair itself, especially if you couple this with a great leave-in conditioner.

Taking it easy this weekend? Why not give air-dried hair a try?! Trust me when I say that your locks will love you!

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips Featuring Blogger Cheetah Is The New Black
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Mel Boteri Style Guide: Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips | Air-Dried Hair

1. CURRENT/ELLIOTT The Boyfriend cropped mid-rise jeans 2. J.CREW Striped slub cotton-blend jersey top 3. STELLA VALLE Warrior Cuff 4. RODIN OLIO LUSSO Hair Oil 5. MEL BOTERI Navy Saffiano Leather 'Lauren' Clutch


A Nice Quality Curling Iron

When you have no choice but to heat-style your hair, never underestimate the power of a nice-quality curling iron. This is a time where quality totally trumps cost, because it could be the difference of dried out, burnt hair and bouncy, long-lasting waves and curls.

A high-quality iron won't pull or snag your hair when it is curling, and a ceramic coating on the plates gives a smoother, frizz-free, burn-free style. Your hair is inside the curling iron for a few seconds at least, which is enough time to do some serious damage if you opt for a cheaper styling tool. Of course, it goes without saying that you should always use a heat protection product, such as a hair oil as well.

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips Featuring Blogger A Lo Profile
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Mel Boteri Style Guide: Mel's Top 4 Haircare Tips | Nice Quality Styling Tools

1. RAG & BONE The Capri distressed mid-rise skinny jeans 2. SPLENDID Cotton and modal-blend jersey T-shirt 3. GHD Creative Curl Wand 4. OUAI HAIRCARE Hair Oil 5. MEL BOTERI 'Kat' Tote in Black Textured Leather


Now it's your turn, what are some haircare tips that you swear by? Or a beauty product you simply cannot live without? I believe we all deserve to look and feel our best and sharing is caring so please comment below!


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