Style Guide: How To Color Block Like A Pro

Color blocking was once all the rave in the fashion industry until minimalism took over and quite literally had us stripped down to our skimpies in muted hues and nudes. Luckily, we’re seeing the return of color and in many ways it is louder and prouder than ever before. We are so ready and on board - are you?!

If you’re hesitant at all about wearing the brightest and boldest tones that speak to your true personality, then get ready to take notes. No matter your comfort level with this vibrant style, here's exactly how you can ace color blocking like a pro...

How To Color Block: Stick To Similar Tones

The key to nailing color-blocking without looking like a rainbow exploded on you is to utilize complimentary shades. If you’re going for a warmer look, pair orange and pink together and then throw in a neutral accent to balance it all out.

Don’t know what colors pair well together? All it takes is a couple of minutes browsing the web or Pinterest and don't forget the handy color wheel as a basic reference!

Style Guide: How To Color Block Like A Pro | Featuring Blogger Elshane's World
Photo Credit: Elshane's World
Style Guide: How To Color Block Like A Pro | Stick To Similar Tones

1. DONDUP Blazer 2. SAINT LAURENT T-shirt 3. MM6 MAISON MARGIELA Pleated Palazzo Pants 4. MEL BOTERI Marissa Small Tote in Red, Fine Grain Leather 5. GUCCI Sneakers


How To Color Block: Go Big Or Go Home! 

The real secret to pulling off a color-block ensemble is to just go for it with your confident self. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be completely fearless. It just means that you’re not letting self-consciousness get in the way from rocking a gorgeous look and letting your personality shine through. 

You can always start small with a just pop of color in your top or handbag. But once you feel ready for it, proceed to venture out with head-to-toe color!

Style Guide: How To Color Block Like A Pro | Featuring Blogger Awed By Monica
Photo Credit: Awed By Monica
Style Guide: How To Color Block Like A Pro | Go Big Or Go Home!

1. BOTTEGA VENETA Cashmere Coat 2. NARCISO RODRIGUEZ Midi Dress 3. MEL BOTERI Blue Saffiano Leather Watson Tote 4. GUCCI Round Sunglasses 5. SIGERSON MORRISON Mid Calf Boots


How To Color Block: Balance Bold With Soft

Another secret to effortlessly pull off this trend is balancing the boldness of the colors with the softness of textures.  

We love Jennifer's mix of beautiful jewel tones, but what really pulls it all together is the softness of her top and pleated skirt. This would work equally as well if you wanted to combine a more structured piece with something flowing - such as a tailored blazer with palazzo pants. It all boils down to finding the right balance and mixing and matching the colors and textures that feel most comfortable to you!

Style Guide: How To Color Block Like A Pro | Featuring Blogger Style Charade
Photo Credit: Style Charade
Style Guide: How To Color Block Like A Pro | Balance Bold With Soft

1. TED BAKER Bell Sleeve Top 2. MAJE Pleated Midi Skirt 3. MEL BOTERI Amber Black And Taupe Leather Mini Shoulder Bag 4. CELINE Cat Eye Sunglasses 5. GIANVITO ROSSI Pumps


You see, color-blocking isn’t as daunting as it seems. You just need to arm yourself with basic color knowledge – and of course, a little pride and confidence doesn't hurt either!

I always love hearing from you so please feel free to leave your comments or feedback below. And, if you have any friends that might find this advice helpful, please be sure to post, tweet or pin using our easy share buttons ;)

Next week we'll be shifting gears a bit and discussing one of the hottest trends in beauty: dewy makeup. Are we finally over matte? It seems so – as more and more women are leaning towards getting their glow on! Find out how you can get yours too with next week’s style guide.

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