Style Guide: Runway Preview - Highlighting Mel's Favorite Looks For Fall

Do you wait with bated breath before each new season, excited to find out what we are all going to be wearing in the next few months? I know I do! And while some trends can be a major 'don't' most are a definite 'do' - at least to try once! 

With the fashion calendar still working a season ahead, it can be tough to keep up with what we saw on the runway over 6 months ago. So to keep you stylishly in check, I've rounded up just a few of my favorite trends I can't wait to try come the first day of fall. 

A New Twist On Platforms 

Who doesn't love a good pair of platforms? Comfortable to wear, easier to walk in than heels, and super versatile, this season's runway was all about the platform, harping back to the 70s and those crazy prints that makes us all smile. These fantastic Marc Jacobs platforms, as seen on Elshane below, are ultra sparkly, ultra glam, and will certainly make you stand out amongst a crowd, and the gorgeous oranges and neutral hues makes these easy to fit in with your other classic Fall pieces. 

If you're not really feeling this bright and sparkly shoe, simply opt for a platform in a classic neutral. Whatever makes you feel your best is always key!

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Fall Runway Preview Featuring Elshane's World 
Photo Credit: Elshane's World
Mel Boteri Style Guide | Fall Runway Preview | Stacked Platforms

1. F.R.S For Restless Sleepers Silk-twill Pajama Top 2. F.R.S For Restless Sleepers Silk-twill Pajama Pants 3. BALENCIAGA Oversize Sunglasses 4. MEL BOTERI Cara Envelope Clutch in Red Ostrich Print Leather 5. MARC JACOBS Pumps


Western Style

Yeeee-haw! Whether you're a cowgirl at heart, or you just love tassels, admit it, we have all owned a pair of cowboy boots at some stage in our fashion lives. Well, it's time to dig them out, just in time for the chillier temperatures of Fall!

The greatest thing about this trend is that it's so easy to wear, and will suit just about anyone. If you don't want to go over-the-top cowgirl, just add hints of this style into your look, such as a denim shirt, a fringe bag, or that pair of boots we were just talking about.

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Fall Runway Preview Featuring Life To Lauren
Photo Credit: Life To Lauren
Mel Boteri Style Guide | Fall Runway Preview | Western Style

1. GIVENCHY Denim Shirt 2. SAINT LAURENT Leather Belt 3. FRAME High Rise Jeans 4. MEL BOTERI Grey Suede Taylea Bag 5. BALENCIAGA Gold Clip Earrings 6. VETEMENTS Leather Boots 7. 


Embroidered Boots

The embroidered boot was a staple on this year's Fall catwalk, and while it may not be for everyone, if you can keep the rest of your look neutral, e.g. plain denim, then you can rock this look with ease. Think floral prints, like these Dacade Tropical Boots, and tie in your accessories with the colors stitched into the boots. 

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Fall Runway Preview Featuring Blogger Blonde On Earth
Photo Credit: Blonde On Earth 
Mel Boteri Style Guide | Fall Runway Preview | Embroidered Boots

1. KATERINA MAKRIYIANNI Multi-stone Bracelet 2. MOTHER Crop Flared Jeans 3. FENDI Resin Ring 4. MEL BOTERI Marigold Yellow Stuart Carryall Tote 5. LAURENCE DACADE Tropical Boots


Wide Belts 

90s fans rejoice! The wide belt is back, and aside from being a fun accessory to style, it is ultra-slimming and flattering as well! Throw it on over dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, whatever you like really, and make sure there is a statement buckle or fastening section, to really grab attention. 

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Fall Runway Preview Featuring Elegant Edge
Photo Credit: Elegant Edge
Mel Boteri Style Guide | Fall Runway Preview | Wide Belts

1. ISABEL MARANT Silver Earrings 2. ALEXANDER WANG Alexa Leather Mules 3. MAISON MICHEL Rabbit Felt Fedora 4. TOM FORD Leather Cut Out Waist Band 5. MEL BOTERI Black Ostrich Cara Clutch 6ROLAND MOURET Jersey Jumpsuit


These Fall catwalk trends just happen to be a few of my favorites, and all are relatively easy to wear with the right pieces pulled together.

Tune in next week when we'll continue getting you geared up for fall by checking out this season's hottest colors you'll want to start incorporating into your closets. See you then! 

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