Style Guide: Chic Sneakers And How To Wear Them Outside Of The Gym

I love heels, I truly do, but come on girls, there’s no denying that they just simply hurt sometimes! The comfort of sneakers is something I secretly adore, and with the popularity of athleisure there are more stylish options than ever. From pumps to full on running shoes to Converse-style and fashion sneakers, there is a style for every type of outfit; well, apart from evening dresses - that's a big NO NO ;)

Jokes aside, sneakers are making a big comeback in a true fashion sense, so let's check out how to wear these wonderful objects of comfort!


Everyone has their favorite pair of jeans, and the good news is jeans were made for sneakers! 

Versatile and comfortable, this is an outfit which you can rock day or night, and these M.i.h pair are super-stylish to the max! Team with a pair of loose-fitting blue jeans for an off-duty kind of vibe, or dress it up with a pair of skinny black jeans for a casual evening at your local bar with friends. There is nothing 'drab' about this outfit, especially when you throw in this super-chic Bottega Veneta wool blend coat

Photo Credit: The Wordy Girl 

1. M.I.H Jeans 2. BOTTEGA VENETA Wool-blend Coat 3. COLE HAAN Cat Eye Sunglasses 4. NAILS INC Nail Polish 5. MEL BOTERI Marissa Small Tote Handbag and Shoulder Bag 6. COLE HAAN Shoes



So what’s my favorite things about sneakers? Well there’s not only the comfort (probably my number one), but there’s also that laid-back vibe they give you at the same time. Have you just been to the gym? Are you wanting to be on the down low while running errands? This look will keep everyone guessing and admiring how you manage to pull it all off.

These pair of Adidas running shoes aren’t just for the sporty type; they look fab with jeans and running pants alike. Go on, and watch heads turn as you tackle the day!

Photo Credit: A Piece Of Toast

1. JAMES PERSE Hooded Top 2. CHINTI AND PARKER Track Pants 3. BURBERRY Shearling Coat 4. RAY-BAN Aviator Sunglasses 5. AGJ Necklace 6. MEL BOTERI Black Saffiano Leather Watson Mini Clutch Cross-Body Bag 7. ADIDAS Running Shoes



Don’t be afraid to throw in some glam sparkle and head in a funky direction with your sneakers! I'm obsessed with this pair of Marc Fischer espadrille sneakers, which are somewhere between high fashion and street style, so they're the ideal choice for those who don't want to go down the road of being a gym bunny but also wants to get in with the current trend.

I'm stealing this look from Jane the next time we get some warmer weather! These J Brand jeans with a small roll up at the bottom complement the espadrilles perfectly, and this is the ideal look for a chilled-out spring vibe. 

Photo Credit: Fit Fab Fun Mom

1. J BRAND Jeans 2. MICHAEL KORS Cutout Sweater 3. VIRGIL ABLOH Biker Jacket 4. LINKS OF LONDON Charm Bracelet 5. VITA FEDE Ring 6. MEL BOTERI Black Saffiano Leather Emmy Convertible Clutch 7. MARC FISCHER Espadrille Sneaker

Will you be showing off your sneakers outside of the gym floor? If not, why not?! Trust me, this is a style everyone can rock and there's no need for band-aids or blisters either!

Check back with me next week when I'll be going over spring's craziest trends and how to pull them off with minimal effort. Until then, enjoy the rest of your week!

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