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Style Guide: [Another] 90's Comeback

We all know that history tends to repeats itself, and fashion is definitely one area where this is nothing less than the truth. With the sudden surge of crop tops, off-the-shoulder blouses and grungy jeans, there is no denying that we are currently in the midst of another 90's comeback. So to help keep your look up-to-date, here are some outfit ideas that embody the current resurgence of nineties style with a modern day twist.


The cropped top has completely invaded the 2016 fashion scene, almost as strongly as it did back in the 90's. And if there is one item I would say is a must-have from this era, it would be the crop top. However, to keep it classy and age appropriate, my recommendation is to wear a smooth, solid colored version that shows only a sliver of tummy. Leave the bikini-esque tops for the teenagers and festivals. Jessie paired hers with high-waisted, loose-fitting pants giving us a great example of how to pull this look together for all of your Saturday activities.  

Style Guide: A 90's Comeback | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Seams for a Desire


Style Guide: A 90's Comeback | Cropped Tops | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. ROSETTA Wide Leg Trousers 2. P.A.R.O.S.H. Crop Top 3. JUNIOR Cat Eye Sunglasses 4. YVES SAINT LAURENT Nail Lacquer 5. CARA Necklace 6. TABITHA SIMMONS Sandals 7. CARA Stud Earrings 8. MEL BOTERI Taupe Snake Print Emmy Convertible Clutch



Ripped jeans were definitley the "It" fashion item of the period, much like our current skinny jean. But post high school, wearing this grunge style can be a bit tricky. To make this look more mature, wear jeans with a slight split in the knee and simple rips. My tip: Less is more. Sarah's style below is the epitome of a great way to wear ripped jeans today. And if you are loving her off-the-shoulder top, keep reading for my tips on how to rock this 90s-inspired piece as well!

Style Guide: A 90's Comeback | Mel Boteri Style Guide | A Piece of Toast Blog


Style Guide: A 90's Comeback | Ripped Jeans | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. CURRENT/ELLIOTT Distressed Skinny Jeans 2. RAG & BONE Off-the-shoulder Top 3. RAY-BAN Aviator Sunglasses 4. DANA REBECCA Pendant Necklace 5. ASHLEY PITTMAN Bangles 6. MANOLO BLAHNIK Pointy Toe Pump 7. MEL BOTERI Rose Quartz Pink, Pebbled Leather Watson Tote



In my opinion, one of the most glamorous trends from the 90's is the off-the-shoulder top. Exposing the shoulders is feminine and sexy, yet it doesn't cross the line of being overly suggestive. I cannot get enough of this look, and my closet can prove it! While this top can be tricky to wear, it is definitely worth the hassle. Most importantly, just be sure to get the fit right and you won't have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions. Elshane is rocking a gorgeous OTS top, and her leather tassel necklace is the perfect accessory to add some personality. 

Style Guide: A 90's Comeback | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Elshane’s World


Style Guide: A 90's Comeback | Bare Shoulders | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. ROLAND MOURET Skinny Pants 2. ELIZABETH AND JAMES Off-the-shoulder Blouse 3. RAY-BAN Aviator Sunglasses 4. NARS Matte Lipstick Pencil 5. KATE SPADE Bangle 6. KATE SPADE Bangle 7. VANESSA MOONEY Bolo 8. AQUAZZURA Suede Pumps 9. MEL BOTERI Grey Saffiano Leather Watson Mini Cross-Body Clutch



Will floral prints ever go out of style? I honestly doubt it, but what is so great about this trend is that it constantly evolves with time. Jane's maxi-dress with the glamorous high slit is drop-dead stunning. I love everything about her look, and this is a perfect example of how to wear florals today!

Style Guide: A 90's Comeback | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Fit Fab Fun Mom


Style Guide: A 90's Comeback | Floral Print Dresses | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. LANVIN Maxi Gown 2. ERIC JAVITS Boater Hat 3. SELF PORTRAIT Sunglasses 4. YVES SAINT LAURENT Lipstick 5. JENNIFER FISHER Set of Brass Rings 6. OPI Nail Lacquer 7. MIANSAI Braided Wrap Bracelet 8. STEVE MADDEN Ankle Strap Sandal 9. MEL BOTERI Black Saffiano Emmy Convertible Clutch

Wearing styles influenced by the past can be tricky to do while maintaining a modern look, so I hope you found this week's Style Guide helpful!

Be sure to join me next week as we give you a style round up on what was trending this summer. And in the meantime, please leave your comments below or email us directly at if you have any specific style questions and/or ideas for topics you would like for us to cover.

Bon Voyage!!

 P.S. Finding yourself in a style rut?! Freshen up your look with our Fashion Archives here >> 



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