Style Guide: Get Your Closets Ready For These Spring 2018 Color Trends

In less than a month, we'll be bidding adieu to the harsh cold of winter and saying hello to the warmer, yet breezy, days of spring. And if we're being honest, what we’re really looking forward to is taking off the several layers of clothing that we have to wear on a daily basis and finally being able to go for lighter—and more colorful—outfits that are oh-so spring-ready!

This is all great news for all of you who love spring because we’re seeing a lot of vibrant hues and pastel tones taking center stage this season. These trendy colors make for the perfect feminine-chic ensembles that make you want to go out under the sun to have fun.

Take a closer look at our Spring 2018 report with the top color trends that will takeover your wardrobe this coming season.

Watermelon Green

We’ve seen a lot of different shades of green come on trend in the past, the most recent one being 2017’s Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery. This year we’re seeing another refreshing take on our favorite hue—a fruity take, to be exact—with Watermelon Green.

Whether you mix it in with other spring-inspired hues or simply make it the focal point of your whole outfit, you’re bound to have a fun color that will elevate your look to “cool girl” status in an instant.

Spring 2018 Color Trends | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Featuring Kerrentley
Photo Creditt: Kerrently
Spring 2018 Color Trends | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Watermelon Green

1. CURRENT/ELLIOTT Boyfriend Jeans 2. JOIE Wool & Cashmere Sweater 3. MICHAEL KORS Sunglasses 4. MEL BOTERI Cara Envelope Clutch in Cyan Blue Leather 5. JESSICA SIMPSON Booties


Millenial Pink

Let’s face it, Millennial Pink hasn’t gone away just yet—not that we’re complaining. The ultimate color of the 90s kids today is still ruling the runways as well as other areas such as branding, packaging, party themes, and so on—and how could it not?

This flattering shade of pink is so easy on the eyes and complements just about any skin tone and style. Not to mention, it also plays well with other hues and shades almost serving as the new neutral! It’s a subtle yet stylish take on feminine style and we’re all for it this season and probably for more seasons to come.

Spring 2018 Color Trends | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Featuring Southern Curls & Pearls
Photo Credit: Southern Curls And Pearls
Spring 2018 Color Trends | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Millenial Pink

1. ARTICLES OF SOCIETY Skinny Jeans 2. MARQUES' ALMEIDA Wool Sweater 3. MEL BOTERI Grey Tejus Lizard-Print Watson Tote 4. LAFONN Ring 5. SOLE SOCIETY Block Heel Sandals



Also dubbed as “Gen Z Yellow,” this shade of yellow is said to dethrone Millennial Pink as the “it” color of the season—especially of the young ones, who were born in the late 1990s. But instead of replacing Millennial Pink, we highly recommend alternating between the two or just wearing them at the same time, since both colors uphold such a strong sense of feminism.

This lighter shade of yellow can instantly brighten up your whole aura whether you wear it for a blouse or as a dress. On top of that, this gorgeous hue will also seamlessly carry you through from spring to summer. It truly is a “golden” find to have in your wardrobe treasure chest!

Spring 2018 Color Trends | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Featuring Jordan Taylor C.
Photo Credit: Jordan Taylor C.
Spring 2018 Color Trends | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Marigold

1. JOSEPH Leggings 2. ROLAND MOURET Off-the-shoulder Blouse 3. NIXON Watch 4. MEL BOTERI Marissa Small Tote Handbag and Shoulder Bag 5. TABITHA SIMMONS Ankle Boots



Romantic, elegant, and most certainly on trend, Lavender is a subtle take on this year’s Pantone Color of the Year, which is Ultraviolet. What’s great about this feminine shade is how it can transcend styles going beyond your quintessential girly looks.

You can wear it within the context of a tailored look or choose to wear a breezy light garment and go head-to-toe monotone. Either way, you’re sure to be the belle of the ball wherever you go. Another styling tip: wear it with marigold, which is a perfect complementary color for lavender!

Spring 2018 Color Trends | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Featuring Style Charade
Photo Credit: Style Charade
Spring 2018 Color Trends | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Lavender

1. AG Skinny Jeans 2. MARC JACOBS Wool-blend Sweater 3. BAUBLEBAR Drop Earrings 4. MEL BOTERI Cara Envelope Clutch in Blush Snake-Effect Leather 5. STEVE MADDEN Pointy-Toe Pump


Whichever you choose among these trendy colors for spring, the best styling tip we can give is to just have fun with it! ‘Tis the season to finally feel more energized and refreshed and what you wear should reflect that as well.

I always love hearing from you so please feel free to leave your comments or feedback below. And, if you have any friends that might find this advice helpful, please be sure to post, tweet or pin using our easy share buttons ;)

Up next week, we’re looking into ways you can make waves with neon colors. Because if there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s that neon’s definitely not over and done for just yet.

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