On A Personal Note: 7 Easy Ways To Practice Self Care

Whether you are used to working from home or you're a natural jet-setter, this has been a difficult time of adjusting to a new lifestyle for everyone. On the bright side, we now have the time to show love to the one person who mattes most: yourself! Here are 7 simple ways to practice self care...  

Breathe In Some Fresh Air 
We realize not everyone has the luxury of going outside for a walk right now, so at the very least we suggest using your outdoor windows to catch a breath of fresh air from time to time. When the weather's nice, open your windows, stick your head out and just breathe. It's amazing what a touch of fresh air and sunlight can do to boost your mood. 

Turn Up The Good And Mute The Bad
Let's be honest, news outlets thrive off of bad news. So make a point to minimize your time watching daily updates on what's going wrong in the world and instead subscribe to a daily does of good news. The Good News Network is a great place to start. 

Enroll In A Happiness Class
The Science of Well-Being course offered by Yale University is now available online and lists the following as skills you will gain: Gratitude, Happiness, Meditation, and Savoring. Yes please!! Apparently this is the most popular class in the history of the college and we can see why.

Take A Soak
For some of us, quarantine life has made us busier than ever, juggling work with home schooling, cooking, cleaning, maintaining a healthy marriage and the list goes on and on. We highly suggest making an appointment with yourself at least once a week for a 30 minute soak in the tub. Do this once the kiddos are off to bed so you can fully relax. Light a candle, pour a glass of wine or brew a hot cup of tea and just sit with you, yourself and a clear mind. 

7 Simple Ways To Practice Self Care

We realize meditation is not exactly simple for everyone and so we want to share two of our favorite tools that will hopefully help. InsightTimer is a free app with some great options depending on your mood and ultimate goal. We also love The 6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley. This is a dynamic meditation technique where you let your mind journey through 6 phases: connection, gratitude, forgiveness, creative visualizations, intentions for your day and a final blessing. For the full effect, we recommend this as a daily practice!

Give Back
You can't help but feel happy and positive when you help others. The good out of all of this is that there are more opportunities than ever to give back. Whether it's to your local food bank helping feed children who are dependent on school meals, or a cause with a global impact find something that pulls at your heart strings and get involved. 

Exercise Your Body
Last but most definitely not least important, we highly suggest some form of daily exercise to lower stress and naturally make you feel happier. And we aren't talking hard core work-outs that leave you feeling exhausted by the end (unless of course that's what you are used to). Something as simple as a 15 minute yoga flow can work wonders for your body and mind! New to exercise and not sure where to start? We highly recommend Yoga With Adrienne. She offers her free series on YouTube with a little something for everyone depending on how much time you have carved out and what your ultimate goal may be. 

Have any other simple recommendations on how you have been practicing self-care? Please feel free to post below for everyone to see because we are in this together and together we will come out happier, healthier and stronger. 

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