New Bag Alert: Get Your Closets Ready - This One's A Gem

Get your closets ready, ladies, because this bag will quickly become your new fave. We know, it's been way too long since we introduced a new handbag style into our collection, and we hope you'll agree when we say that this one was worth the wait!

Pronounced (hEH-mah), the 'Gema' is not your ordinary shoulder bag. Handcrafted in Spain in this gorgeous grey, croc-emboss leather, this bag wears well with both your elegant and casual attire. The detachable chain and leather strap gives it the versatility to be worn on the shoulder, across the body, or as a cool clutch. And when we say that this bag will carry all of your day or evening essentials, we really mean ALL. Just take a look for yourself in the video below to see all that Mel can fit in her 'Gema' bag. 


We think Mel nailed it when she called this the Mary Poppins magical bag. What are some of your daily essentials? 

The Gema Bag | All that fits in this compact bag

And while Mel styled hers for a casual day of running errands, we think this version of the Gema would pair equally as well with a cocktail dress and heels!

Mel's Casual look with the Mel Boteri Gema Bag

Shop Mel's Casual Look Below


Are you ready to add this bag to your rotation? And how would you style it - dressed up or down? Let us know by commenting below, or email your comments, questions and feedback directly to Mel at And, if you have any friends that might find this advice helpful, please be sure to post, tweet or pin using our easy share buttons!

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