Message From Mel: How To Simplify Your Life With A Quality Handbag

Did you know that a quality handbag can actually simplify your style...and your life? In this quick message from Mel she tells you why she doesn't swap bags quite as often as she probably should!


What do you think -- do you agree with Mel's "quality over quantity" approach? And do you have that one special item in your closet that you can always grab-and-go to look and feel your absolute best? Let us know by commenting below, or email your comments, questions and feedback directly to Mel at And, if you have any friends that might find this advice helpful, please be sure to post, tweet or pin using our easy share buttons ;) 

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Thanks Cheryl! Glad you found my advice useful, and I agree that a classic, beautifully crafted shawl is an equally important accessory to have in (or on) your handbag — especially now during this transitional season going into the Fall!


Great advice Mel! Love the bag and its versatility. The quality and craftsmanship of your bags are unmatched. Outside of my Mel Boteri handbags, my splurge and go to item is my Louie Vuitton shaw. It works with everything and looks incredible wrapped around me, tossed over my shoulder, or softly hanging across my handbag. Worth the splurge!!


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