#MelsMuses: Meet Our First Male Muse, Adam Tidd

When you first meet Adam, he will instantly impress you with his professionalism and polished nature, which is only appropriate for the Director of Meetings and Events for The Ritz Carlton, Atlanta. His loyalty has kept him with the company for over 14 years, a trait that extends well beyond his professional career and influences his personal relationships as well.

A self-proclaimed "Northeastern Boy" now living in the south, Adam is the perfect mix of urban edge and southern proper. He is just as comfortable in his Lululemons as he is in his business attire, and we love how he paired trendy camo with a sophisticated suit on the day of our shoot. 


Why did you decide to pick a Mel Boteri?

This is a question we always love asking our clients, because there really are SO many other options on the market. And we love Adam's response. Yes, so many bags out there do look the same and everyone has them, and while anyone can get a Louis Vuitton or Gucci bag, not everyone can have a personal connection to those brands. 

Thank you Adam for helping to kick off the launch of Mel Boteri's men's collection and for being a muse to Mel and so many others! 

Men's New, Custom Leather Duffel Bag

To order Adam's camo duffel bag or to see more of our men's collection please email: inquiries@melboteri.com.

VIDEO & EDITING: The Carmichael Garden Group

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