The Traits And Influences That Define Me As A Designer

Meet Mel | Headshot Circa 2009

I love this photo because it captures the young, driven and passionate designer that began this whole journey.  This was me back in 2009 for one of my first photoshoots and looking at this baby face now, reminds me of just how far we have come.

And that bag...well that's the 'Boteri' bag and it was my second ever design and probably still one of my faves to date. It was heavily influenced by my personal style and my desire to create a signature, stand-out bag. 

So, why am I sharing this photo you might ask? Well, because when thinking about the traits and influences that define me as a designer, it makes me proud to look back at a photo from 11 years ago and see that I am still staying true to what I've always believed in. 

Bold. Refined. You. 

This is our current tagline and to me each word has powerful meaning behind it. 

BOLD - I love fashion for its power to boldly express each individual's unique style. My main desire with my designs is to inspire others to use fashion, not as a means of fitting in with everyone else, but as a way to boldly celebrate all that makes each of us inherently unique and beautiful.  

REFINED - There is a fine line between being bold and beautiful, and just bold and straight up tacky. I believe in creating pieces that offer the perfect balance so that you can proudly wear your uniqueness. 

YOU - Ultimately, this is all for you - our loyal, stylish and confident clients who allow me to do what I love doing. I truly believe everyone deserves a luxury experience and so my job as a designer is to help you feel empowered, valued and celebrated. 

I'm excited to see where the next decade takes us, but my promise to you is that we will always stay true to our roots. 

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