Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse

It wasn’t too long ago that the cold shoulder top exploded back onto the fashion scene and it seemed that every woman on the street was wearing some version of it – whether it be a top, a dress, a modified button-down shirt, or so on.

This time around, we’re seeing a reinvention of the asymmetrical top, which we are going to go ahead and dub as the new off-the-shoulder blouse! What’s great about this style is that there’s so many ways to wear it depending on the occasion, so let’s check out a couple of our faves that you can incorporate into your spring and summer look today!

The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse: Keep It Casual

If you want to add feminine flair to your everyday look, throw this top on and pair it with your go-to denim shorts for a fun day out in the sun.

To upgrade your look, go for colorful prints that instantly add character and pizzazz to your ensemble. Play it up with cool accessories and you’re all set to tackle the day!

Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse | Southern Curls And Pearls
Photo Credit: Southern Curls and Pearls
Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse | Keep It Casual

1. J.CREW One-shoulder Top 2. RAY-BAN Retro Sunglasses 3. MEL BOTERI Dianne Convertible Tote/Backpack In Blush Snake-Effect Leather 4. 3X1 Denim Shorts 5. MANEBI Espadrilles


The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse: Sophisticated Cool

There’s just something about this top that’s effortlessly chic to begin with. This is precisely why it also makes for a perfect choice if you want to step up your casual game and make it a bit more sophisticated – all while maintaining that certain level of cool.

To achieve this look, go for deep colors and interesting fabric textures such as knit or silk. You can still wear it with denim jeans or perhaps a flowing midi skirt should you want a more lady-like appeal added to it.

Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse | Kerrently
Photo Credit: Kerrently
Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse | Sophisticated Cool

1. VERONICA BEARD Crop Jeans 2. H BEAUTY & YOUTH One-shoulder Jumper 3. MICHAEL KORS Sunglasses 4. MEL BOTERI Ellis Tote in Red Leather And Espadrille 5. JIMMY CHOO Ankle Boots


The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse: Dress It Up

If you can dress this top down for a casual day out, you can certainly dress it up as well. And we mean way up - dress it to the nines to make it appropriate for a more formal affair. 

Best way to do this is to either go for a long dress with asymmetrical sleeves, or if you're feeling extra bold and confident add an edgy touch by wearing it as a romper. Of course, don’t forget your bling and accessories such as your clutch and strappy heels!

Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse | Fashion And Frills
Photo Credit: Fashion And Frills
Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse | Dress It Up

1. J.CREW Jackpot One-shoulder Jumpsuit 2. ISABEL MARANT Watch 3. JENNIFER BEHR Earrings 4. MEL BOTERI Black Saffiano Leather Watson Mini Clutch & Cross-Body Bag 5. JIMMY CHOO Pumps


The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse: Make It Fun & Flirty

Coachella may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear Coachella-inspired outfits, especially once the temperatures outside hit an all-time high. This is where you can have fun with your off-the-shoulder blouse by making it a bit more playful.

Go for dresses that fit the bill when it comes to looking flirty, feminine, fun, and ultimately chic! Dare to experiment with frills, ruffles, and a little more texture and sleeve volume. Don’t limit yourself to the basics if you really feel like being extra – just embrace it!

Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse | Fit Fab Fun Mom
Photo Credit: Fit Fab Fun Mom
Style Guide: How To Wear The New Off-The-Shoulder Blouse | Fun & Flirty

1. ALI & JAY One-Shoulder Minidress 2. SEAFOLLY Aviator Sunglasses 3. VINCE CAMUTO Ring 4. SAINT LAURENT Pumps 5. MEL BOTERI Cara Envelope Clutch in Blush Snake-Effect Leather


Are you loving this new take on the off-the-shoulder blouse? We’re pretty sure that it’s bound to be a spring-summer staple, so you might as well start your search now for the best piece to include in your wardrobe!  

We love hearing from you so please feel free to leave your comments or feedback below. And, if you have any friends that might find this advice helpful, please be sure to post, tweet or pin using our easy share buttons ;)

We’re always on the lookout for the hottest trends and styles hitting the streets, and apart from these off-the-shoulder pieces, there’s also a new take on the power sleeve. Be sure to come back next week as we take a closer look at this statement piece that you’ll surely see this season.

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