Style Guide: How To Easily Get Fit Before The Holidays

Listen carefully, can you hear that noise? That's the faint sound of sleigh bells and women all over the world panicking about fitting into that little black dress! I love the holiday season...I love the glitz and glam. I love the sequins and I love the sparkle. What I don't love? The pressure to always look my absolute best when I know I will be overindulging in all of my favorite, seasonal drinks and sweets!  

This is precisely why I have come up with a few foolproof ways to make easy lifestyle changes that have a major impact on my waistline and general appearance come the first toll of the holiday bells. And because I want you to look and feel your best as well, here are my simple get-fit-while-looking-great tips below...

Go For A Brisk Walk

While I love a good session at the gym, there's something relaxing and refreshing about stepping outside for a brisk walk. Grab a work out buddy and have a good gossip session as you walk, and you won't even notice you're doing any exercise at all!

Looking stylish when walking is actually quite easy, because it's unlikely you'll work up a major sweat. These Nike stretch leggings are a great choice that will have you moving with ease, and be sure to invest in some comfy sneakers such as these cute APL mesh pair

Really, you can go as fast or slow-paced as you'd like. The important thing is to take a step away from the hustle of your day to relax the body and mind. 

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Get Fit For The Holidays Featuring Blogger The Chic Series
Photo Credit: The Chic Series
Style Guide: How To Easily Get Fit Before The Holidays | Go For A Brisk Walk

1. NIKE Stretch Leggings 2. NIKELAB Stretch-jersey Tank 3. FALKE Sports Bra 4. MEL BOTERI Matte Gold Kat Tote 5. APL Sneakers


Make Healthy Substitutes

Trust me, you don't have to miss out on your favorite treats when trying to stay trim as long as you know how to make healthy and sensible substitutions. For instance, did you know you can use apple sauce as a replacement for butter in your favorite baked goods?? And unsweetened coconut milk makes for a creamy and delicious swap for dairy. There are countless resources online on how to make healthy yet yummy sweet and savory treats, such as these low carb cookie butter bites below - simply delish!

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Get Fit For The Holidays Featuring Blogger Fashion and Frills
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Style Guide: How To Easily Get Fit Before The Holidays | Make Healthy Substitutes

1. NOBODY Skirt 2. J BRAND + BELLA FREUD T-shirt 3. JEMMA WYNNE Pearl Earrings 4. MEL BOTERI Dianne Convertible Tote/Backpack In Blush Snake-Effect Leather 5. CONVERSE Sneakers


Eat Clean

Getting yourself accustomed to eating "clean" is something I would recommend whether it is holiday season or not. My general rule of thumb is to only eat foods which have been grown in the ground - not processed - and/or have been caught in the wild - not factory farmed.

While it may seem like a fad at times, organic truly is the way to go here because you don't want to be eating anything with synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or preservatives. Do you want all that junk running around in your system? I think not!

The great thing is that once you make eating clean a habit, you will naturally start to look and feel better from the inside out. At the same time, don't be too hard on yourself and simply do the best that you can do given your situation and lifestyle. 

Mel Boteri Style Guide: Get Fit For The Holidays Featuring Blogger Holy City Chic
Photo Credit: Holy City Chic
Style Guide: How To Easily Get Fit Before The Holidays | Eat Clean

1. L'AGENCE Skinny Jeans 2. SPLENDID Draped Top 3. JOHNSTONS OF ELGIN Cashmere Scarf 4. MEL BOTERI Marissa Small Tote in Red Fine Grain Leather 5. RAG & BONE Boots


These three easy ways to get and stay fit have their benefits which go far beyond the holiday season, but they will also have you rocking that LBD in no time!

With all of the holiday parties coming up, you'll want to tune back in next week when I'll be going over my favorite looks for this festive season. With your new rocking mind and body, plus these get-dressed tips you'll be sure to end this year with a bang!

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