Style Guide: How To Beat The Heat At Work

Working ladies, this one is for you! Because isn’t it the worst when you have to wear your long sleeves and suits to work while trying to endure the summer heat?

But fret no more ‘cause we hear you, ladies, and we’ve got a couple easy and breezy solutions that’ll make your summer working days a little bit more bearable – and stylish!  

Layer Your Favorite Sundress

Yes, you can wear you sundress at work – provided that it’s not too short or revealing with its style or design! Your knee-length or midi sundresses will look great for work with a chic blazer thrown over it, or perhaps layer a crisp white button-down shirt underneath for a very stylish touch.

Finish it off with your go-to work handbag and some closed heels and you’re on your way to nailing that presentation!

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1. MAISON MARGIELA Stripe Dress 2. JOSEPH Shirt 3. BAUBLEBAR Drop Earrings 4. MEL BOTERI Ellis Tote in Red Leather And Espadrille 5. HOGL Pumps


Balance Out How Much Skin You Show

There’s a different set of rules when it comes to work-appropriate outfits. As a compromise to avoid getting in trouble and still wearing your summery outfits, it’s best to find that perfect balance with how much skin you expose.

For example, you can go for off-shoulder tops but add some length to your skirt – midi length would work perfectly. You can also opt for knee-length skirts or dresses but with longer sleeves. Either way, balance is key to not getting reprimanded by human resources.

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1. SALONI Off the Shoulder Dress 2. GORJANA Stud Earrings 3. CHELSEA28 Sunglasses 4. MEL BOTERI Black and White Tasseled Lauren Small Shoulder Bag 5. SCHUTZ Sandals


Florals - Not Original but a great way to hide sweat! 

Sweat really is the enemy during summer. What makes it worse is when you’re already sweating during the commute, even before you get to work. But alas, one trick to hide or keep it all discreet is by wearing lively prints like florals.

Go for subtle floral prints and colors that are not too beach or party-inspired. This way, you can dress them up for work to keep you looking fresh and professional at the same time.

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1. ALEXANDER WANG Silk Pants 2. EQUIPMENT Floral-print Shirt 3. L'AGENCE Camisole 4. MEL BOTERI Amber Black And Taupe Leather Mini Shoulder Bag 5. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Pumps


Keep it Light and Breezy

During summer, you may want to stay away from your high-collared tops or body-hugging dresses. Go for pieces that are breezy not just in the cut and silhouette, but also in the fabric.

A linen shift dress is a perfect example of what you can wear to work without feeling too hot (and we don’t mean that in the positive way). A shirtdress can be your go-to for when you want to look casual-chic but also work appropriate.

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1. MDS STRIPES Striped Midi Dress 2. ISABEL MARANT Cuff 3. MEL BOTERI Tan Suede Leather Fringed Taylea Handbag 4. CHLOÉ Mules 5. ISABEL MARANT Rings


We know how dreadful it can be having to battle it out at work, day in and day out, in the middle of the heat this season. But as we've shown you here, it’s not that hard to transform your everyday workwear to summer-ready looks that are very corporate chic!

So now that we’ve covered summer work wear, it’s about time we get into swimwear – because really, what’s summer without wearing your favorite swimmies? So make sure to check back in next week when we take a look at the hottest swimsuit styles and trends this summer.

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