Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer

Summer can be quite tricky in pulling off the hairstyle of your dreams, mainly because it can get pretty hot and humid. This leaves us wanting to settle for a ponytail most days, but luckily we've got you covered with these simple tips and breezy styles that will be the cherry on top of your summer-ready outfits!

Here are four easy hairstyling tips to get you through the summer...

Classic Summer Beach Waves

Regardless if it’s spring, summer, or even winter or fall, beach waves are always a low maintenance option and a modern hairstyle that’s very flattering for all. 

Fortunately, achieving beach waves is much easier than you may think. The trick is in the products, so be sure to seek out the best that will hold the waves and add the texture needed for you specific hair type. 

Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer
Photo Credit: One Small Blonde
Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer

1. ATM ANTHONY THOMAS MELILLO Jersey Top 2. T3 Curling Iron 3. ETRO Necklace 4. MEL BOTERI Marissa Small Tote in Black Pebbled Leather 5. TANGLE TEEZER Detangling Hairbrush


Tie It Up With A Scarf

Looking for that perfect summer hair accessory? All you need to do is dig in your dresser for those scarves that you barely use. Instead of tying up them around your neck, use them as a headband to complement your hairstyle, whether it’s a pony, top knot, or even having it all down.

Using a scarf as a hairstyling accessory gives off boho-chic vibes with a hint of retro as well. Go all out and mix and match the patterns and colors in your scarf with your ensemble for the day!

Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer
Photo Credit: A Lo Profile
Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer

1. VIX Striped Swimsuit 2. CHAN LUU Fringed Scarf 3. LE SPECS + ADAM SELMAN Cat-eye Sunglasses 4. MEL BOTERI Kat Tote in Black Textured Leather 5. MARC FISHER LTD  Slide


Invest In A Wet Brush 

If you're wondering what the heck a "wet brush" is, this will be a game changer for you! A wet brush not only does a great job of detangling your hair without that painful pulling or tugging feel, but it also prevents your fragile wet hair from breaking. It’s a must-have accessory on your dresser, especially for days when your hair gets a heavy dose of extra frizz thanks to the humidity.

A quality wet brush does have a slightly higher price tag compared to your regular brush or comb, but trust us when we say that your hair will benefit from this worthy investment! 

Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer
Photo Credit: Gal About Town
Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer

1. MADEWELL Skinny Jeans 2. ROSETTA GETTY Sweater 3. BAUBLEBAR Tassel Earrings 4. MEL BOTERI Black Leather Kat Pouch 5. DRYBAR Detangler Brush


Learn To Love The Top-Knot

When all else fails, just pull it all up! Yes, we’re talking about the good old classic top-knot, which gives you that instant carefree and edgy look. Don’t believe us? Just check out how your favorite celebs look on their “days off” and you’ll see a lot of them sporting this go-to hairstyle.

There are two ways that you can pull off this off-duty look. You can either opt to go sleek and clean without a hanging tendril in sight, or you can let loose and have some hair or bangs effortlessly fall on the sides of your beautiful face.

Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer
Photo Credit: Southern Curls and Pearls
Style Guide: Four Easy Hairstyling Tips For Summer

1. TEN SIXTY SHERMAN Maxi Dress 2. RAY-BAN Retro Sunglasses 3. LELET NY Hair Tie 4. MEL BOTERI Grey Tejus Lizard-Print Watson Tote 5. SAM EDELMAN Ankle Strap Sandal

Whichever of these four hairstyling tips you decide to try this season – could be just one, or all – the most important thing is that you have a better understanding of how to properly care for your hair given the extreme heat. Make sure to use the right hair products that protect and nourish not only your hair, but your scalp as well.

We’ve been babbling about tips and tricks for those laid back summer days, but what about all you working gals? Check back in with us next week, as we discuss how you can beat the heat at work – and do it in top style!

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