New Collection: Which Handbag Style Are You?

Mel Boteri handbags are carefully designed and curated, not as a means to fit in, but as a way to boldly celebrate all of what makes each of us inherently unique and beautiful.

We believe in creating exquisite products and services that are an elegant expression of who you really are. We believe the best style is your style and so we want you to feel empowered, valued, and celebrated when you carry our handbags.

So which handbag style are you? Watch this short video and then let us know in the comments below...


We take great care and attention to detail with each new handbag design, and we always have the Mel Boteri woman in mind when doing so: She is confident, diverse, career-oriented and tech savvy. She is brand conscious yet adventurous. She desires exclusivity with a high-end, personalized experience. She is inclusive yet she wants to be seen as her different, unique self. Her motivation is personal fulfillment, experience and ultimately happiness.

With our bold yet refined persona in mind, here are the key design changes we made to our newest handbag collection. 

The 'Watson' Tote

A key feature we pride ourselves on with the 'Watson' tote is the large slip pocket on the back of the bag. We found this to be something almost all of our special order clients were requesting and so we added this to most of our handbag styles.

And for this new collection, we decided to make this feature really pop by highlighting it with a contrasting leather. To keep it refined with a classic look and feel, we kept this in the same color family as the main handbag leather.

We love how this turned out, especially because you now get two bag designs in one. Depending on your mood you can flip the bag back or forth for two completely different styles.

Green Moss Watson Tote | Mel Boteri Designer Handbags | Colorblock View Green Moss Watson Tote | Mel Boteri Designer Handbags | Classic View

Green Moss Watson Tote | Mel Boteri Designer Handbags


The 'Gema' Small Shoulder Bag

Because we love a bag that can adapt to our busy lifestyles, we designed two new straps for the Gema bag. You can now wear her one of three ways: as a clutch, on the shoulder or across the body.

Sweet Lilac Gema Bag | Clutch Style | Mel Boteri Designer Handbags  Sweet Lilac Gema Bag | Shoulder Style | Mel Boteri Designer Handbags

Sweet Lilac Gema Bag | Cross Body Style | Mel Boteri Designer Handbags


The 'Stuart' and 'Christy Mini' Totes

Going for something a bit more bold, we wanted to play around with a mix of textures. You'll notice both the 'Stuart' tote and the 'Christy Mini' now have versions made in denim mixed with leather.

Denim & Cobalt Leather Christy Mini Tote | Mel Boteri Designer Handbags | New Summer Collection Denim & Black Croc Emboss Leather Stuart Carryall Tote | Mel Boteri Designer Handbags | New Summer Collection


The 'Watson Micro' Tote & Cross-Body

It's hard to pick a favorite, but the changes we made to this micro version of our best-selling 'Watson' tote is definitely a game changer. We not only added mini handles to add a bit more functionality to this cute bag, but we decided to go all out with the color block trend to make this new feature really pop.

Watson Micro | Color Block With Shoulder Strap


You really can't go wrong with any of these new handbag styles which were designed to be bold yet refined. But, most importantly, they were created to be as unique and beautiful as you and your personal style. 

Do you have a favorite? Please let us know by commenting below, or email your comments, questions and feedback directly to Mel at And, if you have any friends that might enjoy our newest collection, please be sure to post, tweet or pin using our easy share buttons!

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