Style Guide: How To Stay Classy + Chic At The Office

One of the most common problems women face each day is choosing a suitable outfit for the office. You want to look professional and confident, all while staying true to the modern, chic, sensual woman you are. And although your office attire can largely depend on your work environment, my two rules that always apply are modesty and simplicity.

I find spring to be one of the best seasons for finding new office outfits, because you can get out of those dark blazers and suits and have fun with lighter prints, colors and patterns!


One of the easiest and simplest office outfits to pull off is a pair of cropped pants + a modest top. This year, culottes are the silhouette of choice when it comes to pants. What I love about this look is that it is suitable for even the most conservative of corporate settings, yet it still allows you to show off your unique personality. There are so many ways to style this look, but Christina's stripe-on-stripe jacket and top combo is definitely a fave!

Style Guide: Office Essentials Perfect for Spring | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Fashion and Frills

Style Guide: Office Essentials Perfect for Spring | Cropped Pants for the Office | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. TIBI Cropped Wide-leg Pants 2. SAINT LAURENT Striped Tank 3. MADEWELL Striped Trench Coat 4. KAREN WALKER Sunglasses 5. BANANA REPUBLIC Ring 6. MEL BOTERI Blue Saffiano Leather Watson Tote 7. STEVE MADDEN Sandals



We all want to emphasize our best assets, but when it comes to workwear be sure to stay away from pieces that could border on the line of inappropriate. The key here (and pretty much always) is confidence!! So if you feel most comfortable in a dress, then feel free to wear one to the office. Just remember nothing too short or tight. 

Typically, the office is not the place to experiment with the latest trends, but that doesn't mean you can't adapt certain elements into your daytime look. Courtney's wrap dress is a classic office staple, but she's personalized it by accessorizing with some fabulous chunky jewels and trendy colorful heels. 

Style Guide: Office Essentials Perfect for Spring | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Kerrently

Style Guide: Office Essentials Perfect for Spring | Office Dresses | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. THE ROW Striped Dress 2. BAUBLEBAR Beaded Necklace 3. BOURBON AND BOWETIES Stone Bracelet 4. BOUBON AND BOWETIES Stone Bracelet 5. ACCESSORY CONCIERGE Sunglasses 6. MEL BOTERI Turquoise Coco Small Shoulder Bag - Python 7. MICHELE Two-Tone Watch 8. GX BY GWEN STEFANI Sandals 



The safest way to go when it comes to office outfits is to choose the classic black pant + white blouse combo. It's much easier to show off your personality with accessories, like a statement necklace, bag or shoes.

A pair of stilettos seem to always offer me a boost of confidence when walking into a meeting. But in this case, don't pick the highest heel in your closet. Nothing would be more embarrassing than tripping in front of your subordinates! Olivia knows all about corporate dressing, and her classic office look with a pop of red lips is anything but boring. 

Style Guide: Office Essentials Perfect for Spring | Mel Boteri Style Guide | Corporate Catwalk

Style Guide: Office Essentials Perfect for Spring | Classic Office Looks | Mel Boteri Style Guide

1. TOM FORD Tapered Pants 2. MICHAEL KORS Fringed Sweater 3. KAREN WALKER Sunglasses 4. CZ BY KENNETH JAY Stud Earrings 5. MEL BOTERI Black Saffiano Leather Watson Tote 6. CZ BY KENNETH JAY Pendant Necklace 7. JIMMY CHOO Pumps


I firmly believe in the importance of dressing well at the office. I find my most productive days are when I am feeling my best, which is largely affected by what I am wearing. I hope this week's Style Guide offers you some work-week inspiration to step out of your comfort zone and trying something new - yet appropriate.

Remember, the keys are confidence, modesty and comfort- all while adding in your personal style through prints, colors and accessories.  

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