ga:productSku,ga:productName,ga:productVariant MBA44A002,Black Saffiano Leather 'Watson Mini' Clutch & Cross-Body Bag,Black Saffiano / Black MB43A002G,Black Saffiano Leather 'Watson' Tote,Black Saffiano Leather / Black MB43A003G,Blue Saffiano Leather 'Watson' Tote,Blue Saffiano Leather / Blue MB43A005G,Doll Pink Pebbled Leather 'Watson' Tote,Doll Pink Pebbled Leather / Pink MB43A001G,Grey Saffiano Leather 'Watson' Tote,Grey Saffiano Leather / Grey MB43A007G,High Gloss Black Lizard-Print Leather 'Watson' Tote,High Gloss Black Lizard-Print / Black MB43A008G,Luxe Caiman-Effect Leather 'Watson' Tote,GOLD HARDWARE / Blue MBA44A003G,Red Saffiano Leather 'Watson Mini' Clutch & Cross-Body Bag,Red Saffiano Leather / Red MB43A004G,Red Saffiano Leather 'Watson' Tote,Red Saffiano Leather / Red MB43A006,Serenity Blue Pebbled Leather 'Watson' Tote,Light Blue Leather / Blue MBA44A004G,Turquoise Pebbled Leather 'Watson Mini' Clutch & Cross-Body Bag,Turquoise Pebbled Leather / Turquoise MB035A4G,'Kat' Tote in Black Textured Leather,Black Textured Leather / Black MB035A5G,Matte Gold 'Kat' Tote,Matte Gold Leather / Gold MB006E1G,Black Saffiano Leather 'Christy Midi' Tote,Black Saffiano Leather / Black MB006F1G,Cobalt Blue Saffiano Leather 'Mini Christy' Tote,Cobalt Blue Saffiano Leather / Blue MB006A2,Grey Saffiano Leather 'Large Christy' Tote,Grey Saffiano Leather / Grey MB020D1G,'Marissa' Small Tote in Black Pebbled Leather,Black Pebbled Leather / Black MB020D2G,'Marissa' Small Tote in Red Fine Grain Leather,Red Fine Grain Leather / Red MB042A5,'Taylea' Faux Python & Suede Fringe Leather Handbag,Python Effect and Camel Suede / Camel MB042A1G,'Taylea' Grey Suede Fringe Leather Handbag,Grey Suede Leather / Grey MB042A6G,Tan Suede Leather Fringed 'Taylea' Handbag,Tan Suede Leather / Tan MB012A1,Army Green Croc-Embossed 'Taylor' Tote,Green Croc-Embossed Leather / Green MB44A004G,'Cara' Envelope Clutch in Black Ostrich Print Leather,Black Ostrich Print / Black MB44A005S,'Cara' Envelope Clutch in Blush Snake-Effect Leather,Blush Snake Print / Blush MB44A006S,'Cara' Envelope Clutch in Cyan Blue Leather,Cyan MB44A003G,'Cara' Envelope Clutch in Red Ostrich Print Leather,Red Ostrich Print / Red MB001E7G,Black and Camel Tasseled 'Lauren' Small Shoulder Bag,Black And Camel Leather / Camel MB001E1G,Black and White Tasseled 'Lauren' Small Shoulder Bag,Black And White Leather / white MB47A001G,Marigold Yellow 'Stuart' Carryall Tote,Marigold Yellow Leather / Yellow MB048A1S,'Dianne' Convertible Tote/Backpack In Blush Snake-Effect Leather,SILVER HARDWARE / Blush MB049A,'Ellis' Tote in Red Leather And Espadrille,Red MBA002A3S,Black Snake Print Leather 'NICE TO MEET YOU' Cardholder,SILVER LETTERING MBA002A3G,Black Snake Print Leather 'NICE TO MEET YOU' Cardholder,GOLD LETTERING MBA002A2G,Magenta Leather 'NICE TO MEET YOU' Cardholder,Gold Lettering MBA002A2S,Magenta Leather 'NICE TO MEET YOU' Cardholder,Silver Lettering MBA002A1S,Turquoise Leather 'NICE TO MEET YOU' Cardholder,Silver Lettering MBA002A1G,Turquoise Leather 'NICE TO MEET YOU' Cardholder,Gold Lettering MB003P3,Black 'Coco' Small Shoulder Bag - Python,Black Python Leather / Black MB003P1,Magenta 'Coco' Small Shoulder Bag - Python,Radiant Orchid Python / Pink MB003P2,Turquoise 'Coco' Small Shoulder Bag - Python,Turquoise Python Leather / Turquoise MB030A6G,Navy Saffiano Leather 'Emmy' Convertible Clutch,Navy Saffiano Leather / Blue MB030A6G,Taupe Snake Print 'Emmy' Convertible Clutch,Taupe Snake Effect Leather / Taupe MB001E9S,Navy Saffiano Leather 'Lauren' Clutch,Blue MB44A002G,Cocoa Brown Croc-Effect Leather 'Cara' Envelope Clutch,GOLD HARDWARE / Brown MB44A001,Denim Snake Suede Leather 'Cara' Envelope Clutch,Denim Snake Effect Suede Leather / Blue MB033P4,Glazed Sunglow Yellow Python Leather 'Audrey' Cocktail Clutch,Yellow Python Leather / Yellow MB033P7G,The 'Audrey' Cocktail Clutch in Black Croc-Effect Glazed Leather,Black Croc-Effect Leather / Black MB030A2S,Black Saffiano Leather 'Emmy' Convertible Clutch,Black Saffiano / Black